PenGo BrushPen for iPad has been your favorite painting tool for over a year now.

The recent reception at Comic Con in San Diego was simply outstanding. Thank you once again to all of our loyal supporters and new interested followers. We appreciate all the kind words and we are glad that our products are fitting into your creative pipelines and recreational time alike.

We've been listening to everything you have to say and have taken some time to work out the next steps.
New products are just around the corner but the PenGo Brushpen will continue as strong as ever - offering a great all-round solution for drawing and painting on your iPad, Galaxy Nexus, Kindle or any Android or iOS touchscreen device.

Just to recap, we did honor our San Diego Comic Con visitors with a special reduced show price. You should have received a specific email after leaving your contacts with us. Let us know if you did not.

Pressure sensitivity on the iPad with a stylus. This comes up after seeing our demo video here. Just so you know, this is still just an internal demo app showing what is possible and currently unable to be officially launched in the iTunes app store. News on this is just around the corner and we'll let you know more soon. If you'd like to know more, please contact us through the website.

Keep painting and keep creating. We'll be back soon.

The PenGo Creative Team - Los Angeles.