About Us

PenGo Creative was originally started in April 2010 by a group of local artists and inventors from Los Angeles, California - several days after the launch of the first generation iPad.

At the time, there were very few choices for stylus pens (nobody had come up with a brush for use on iPad at that point) and in our search for new materials, we discovered conductive bristles. We invented the first BrushPen and initially began making them as basic brush prototypes for ourselves and other local mobile aritsts.

At San Diego Comic Con in July 2010 we unveiled our BrushPen prototypes and began selling our new TouchPen stylus. We also showcased our first beta build for the PenGo Paint app for iPad - PenGo Creative Tools were born.

It's amazing to look back on what we achieved in just a few months - driven by our passion for this new mobile way of creating. The response and encouragement from the art community has been outstanding and we are proud to have been there at the start of the mobile art movement with our BrushPen - a pioneering kick-off to our creative tools system.

PenGo Creative is now quickly expanding this unique offering with a variety of innovative physical and digital mobile tools, applications and accessories.

We have always believed in the mutual support of our community of dedicated followers – and we want to continue working and engaging with you to define what creative tools and mobile lifestyles are all about.

We hope you will stay with us – so that we can continue to grow, develop and provide innovative mobile solutions for you and your projects.

The PenGo Creative Team.

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